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Wisdom, candor and clarity about race, racism, and white privilege

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My Anti Racism Work

Mayor Betsy Hodges began her commitment to racial equity work upon realizing in the wake of the Rodney King verdict that racism is inherently a white people problem. This commitment has been at the core of her work ever since. She now consults with executives, companies, non-profits, and cities to make their racial equity work effective, especially in strategizing how to navigate white resistance to meaningful systems change.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Leading Through Disruption
  • White People Working With Each Other With Compassion and Accountability
  • Navigating White Resistance to Racial Equity Policy
  • Leading on Racial Equity as White People
  • Women and Executive Leadership

Mayor Hodges can support your work through:

  • Reviews of policy, communications, and strategy
  • Direct coaching with executives, managers, and staff
  • Advising on strategy to implement policy and agenda
  • Group level trainings, including on Leading Through Disruption; How To Navigate Resistance to Racial Equity Work; Women and Leadership
  • Delivering keynote addresses, participating in panel discussions, and panel moderation

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